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Carnival Themed Ball at Kiama Leisure Centre for the Kiama Show Ball 2016

Posted by Di Van Helden on

All Things Party LOVED working on this event for the Kiama Show Society's 2016 Ball. The event for the event was the Kiama Leisure Centre. This is the 5th year All Things Party have decorated for this event.

The theme was Carnival and the committees brief was that they wanted a popcorn arch & popcorn on the tables. So we ran with that and loved every minute of it.

Qualatex quick link balloons All Things Party 
This was the beginning of our 8 Qualatex quick link strings which reached 30m.

Carnival Balloons Coloured Polka Dot Print All Things Party
These were the coloured Polka Dot Printed balloons All Things Party used in the centrepieces.
Carnival Themed Party Balloons All Things Party Kiama Leisure Centre
The Kiama Show Ball committee also want more light on the tables so 
All Things Party add Sparkle Lights
Kiama Show Ball 2016 Carnival Party 
And the popcorn arch turned out amazing
Popcorn Balloon Arch Carnival Party Theme
To top it off we add some really cute clowns to the sides of the stage and
one hung upside down from the ceiling.
Clown Balloon Carnival Theme All Things Party
Our client was wrapped with how this turned out. This is what they posted on facebook
All Things Party Testimonial

If you have an event coming up and you would like All Things Party to transform your space
Please call us on (02) 42572789 or email

Cheers Di Van Helden


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