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OH Baby! Pregnancy & Gender Reveal Balloons

Posted by Di Van Helden on

From the Pregnancy announcement, the gender reveal and baby shower, balloons can play a huge part in making the events magical and personal. We have personalised balloon for siblings to announce pregnancies. They make for adorable pictures.

These are some of the balloons we have done for pregnancy announcements in the Wollongong, Shellharbour & Kiama areas.

Big Brother Pregnancy Announcement

BIG Sis Pregnancy Announcement

The BIG Sis giant balloon was made for a little sister to hold during a photo shoot so her parents could announce the pregnancy with the pic. So Adorable!!!


When the announcement is done the gender reveal preparations start. The expectant parents announce the gender of the baby with a Gender Reveal Party. There are many ways to make the announcement but the confetti balloons makes the most spectacular announcement be far because it all happens at the same time. There is no peaking inside our giant black balloons to see the colour before everyone finds out.


Question Mark Gender Reveal Balloon

We love the excitement that comes with a gender reveal. Especially the ones that we get where the parents hand over the envelop and only we know what colour is inside <3 Lets face it these day the big announcement has to be done with a big bang!! (hun intended LOL) Check out this video of our confetti filled gold balloons 3ft balloon.



 Imaging sharing your gender reveal video with all you friends and family who cant be there for the actual announcement.


Personalised Black Gender Reveal BalloonWe can customs the writing that goes on your balloon too. BIG Sis, BIG Bro, Baby (surname), Twinkle Twinkle like star how we wonder what you are?
The text is as individual as the baby. Please book this in 7 days before to give us time to prep it, you can give us the envelop with the colour on the day, or the day before.

The tassel you see on this one add that extra WOW to the balloon.



Gender Reveal Box BowBaby Boy Gender Revel Bubble
Baby Girl Gender Reveal Box insideBaby Girl Gender Reveal Box


We can even do gender reveal boxes for those that are scared of popping the balloon or just prefer this look. We line the box with either pink or blue tissue paper and then you can choose the balloons to go inside the box.


There are so many options when it comes to the baby shower decorations. I think this may be a blog of its own so ill leave a few pics here and write a separate blog for baby shower balloons.

Polka Dot Confetti Balloons

Above is a gorgeous confetti balloon with printed polka dots we did for a baby shower organised by Heidi from Flossy Flamingos.

 BABY Shower Organic Cake Backdrop

Above is our organic cake table backdrop with rose gold BABY letters. We love it when clients share the pics and tags us in them <3 <3


Do you need balloons to celebrate the arrival of a new baby? Or, maybe, you are interested in having balloons decoration for a birthday party, wedding party, corporate event or Christmas party? Contact us today! Did you know that iCANDY Balloons & Party, previously known as All Things Party have been offering balloons in Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama for over 13 years. We specialize in different types of balloons – giant balloons, 3ft balloons, helium balloons and so on. Actually, iCANDY Balloons & Party has balloons for all occasions. Our company is always looking forward to helping you with any of your balloons decoration needs! Come into our store at Yallah or call us today.

 My Very Best

Di Van Helden
Certified & Accredited Balloon Artist
Owner iCANDY Balloons & Party



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