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Qualatex Balloon Boutique QBB Wall

Posted by Di Van Helden on

We are super excited to finally get our QBB wall installed. This has been many years in the making. I've pestered the Australian arm of Qualatex for years to bring this to the land down under, and its has finally paid off.

With a massive 8 metre wall & some 30, yes 30 cans of spray paint the wall was painted. Needless to say 2 days later I was sooo sick from all the fumes I inhaled. I did wear a mask, but 30 cans is just nuts in 1 weekend.

Ready to spray my #QBB wallOur balloon bags come in handy for spray painting :-)

#QBB Wall Prep The painting begins.

Qualatex Balloon Boutique Wall QBB wollongong

Qualatex Balloon Boutique Wall QBB Wollongong iCANDY Balloons

We are thrilled with the results. Thanks you Qualatex Australia & America.

With over 480 foil balloons on this wall alone we a guaranteed to have something to suit your next celebration.

Spreading JOY with Balloons

Di Van Helden
Certified Balloon Artist
& Owner iCANDY Balloons

Formerly All Things Party

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