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Why we changed our name from All Things Party to iCANDY Balloons & Party

Posted by Di Van Helden on


Firstly, let me say THANK YOU for your support over the past 11 years <3
Our business has changes so much in this time that we truly felt our name (All Things Party) didn't reflect who we were or what we did, hence the name change to iCANDY Balloons & Party.

We have now been at Yallah for 11 years. I can hardly believe it myself.
When we opened the Yallah store back in 2007, we had so many freezers and party supplies. With the increase in internet and ebay, party supplies have died right off for us.Many of our original frozen food suppliers have gone out of business and the range in the supermarkets have increased, so the demand just isn't there anymore and with power bills in excess of $3000 per month no one can afford to run freezers when the products aren't selling. So our freezers have been cut back to 1. We still stock the ever popular Sara Lee Tray Cakes.

Over the past 13 years (11 at Yallah & 2 in Wollongong) we have become know for our quality balloon work and clients love knowing our balloons will last more than a day. With all the changes in the last 11 years here at Yallah and with balloons becoming our main source of business, not to mention my absolute passion in life, we felt we needed a name that had BALLOONS in it. We wanted something that said amazing looking balloons aka iCANDY Balloons & Party.

We are still family owned and operated and have had many people asking if its still us. I can assure you nothing has changes staffing wise at all, its still us.

My Best

Di Van Helden 
Certified Balloon Artist & Owner

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