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Organic Balloon Garland Price Per Metre

  • $5000

Organic balloon garland.

We can create your balloon garland and have it all inflated ready for you to arrange it.

Price includes standard & pearl finish balloons.

Standard size garland includes mainly 11" with 1-2x 16" accent Balloon per metre.
Giant Balloons option includes mainly 11" balloons with 3-4x 16" balloons and 1x 3ft balloons per 2m. 

You can choose to have your balloon delivered to your door to save trying to squish them into the car. Or pick them up from our store, we will bag up for you to make transport as easy as possible, see clear bag image, this is a 2m garland in 1 bag.

Purple & lilac garland is 2m in length.
Pink, White & Gold garland is 4m in length
Giant Balloon Garland Main Pic is 8m
Black, White & Gold garland is 4m

Setup/Assemble onsite is an additional fee and not included in our standard deliver fee. 
You can request a quote to include our setup service.

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