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Balloon Recycling

We have joined in an Australian balloon industry initiative to recycle balloons as well as keep our wonderful balloon industry alive and vibrant.

We are now able to recycle all latex, foil and plastic bubble balloons into new products as well as supply other businesses with the recycled materials for their use. 

We accept drop off of all used popped balloons at our store no matter where you have purchased your balloons. We will also be placing collection points in venues soon for your convienience. 

Please join us in the very exiting program to enjoy balloons for generations to come.

Recycling and Sustainability

At ICandy Balloons our aim is to make our business as sustainable as practically possible. We understand that the environment is front and centre in everybody's minds. We have joined in measures to become more sustainable including becoming part of a balloon recycling program. has been established to recycle balloons of all kinds including latex balloons, foil balloons and even plastic balloons to give them another life and incorporate them into new and existing products.

For every installation that we complete we will ask all clients to save the balloons. If we are returning to collect framing from our installations we will pop and recycle the balloons or reuse the balloons if possible.
We have a balloon recycling bin at our store where customers can drop off balloons to be recycled and we are working with Balloon Recycling Australia to make our industry more sustainable so that balloons will be there to enjoy for generations to come.