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Balloon Standard Teal #038 Latex 30cm Balloon

Balloon Standard Teal #038 Latex 30cm Balloon

  • $3295

Standard Matte Finish 30cm (12inch) latex balloons. 

Balloon come uninflated and can be filled with air or helium. 


Decrotex 100pk- Pack contains 100 balloons, package brand is Decrotex, Balloon brand is Sempertex.

Fivestar 18pk- Pack contains 18 balloons, package brand is Five Star, Balloon brand is Sempertex.

Single Balloon- Unpackage, single balloon, Balloon brand is sempertex.

We are Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA) Members and promote the responsible use of balloons.
Never release balloons into the atmosphere. Pin it & Bin It.

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