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Silver Plastic Reusable Bowl 25pk #384119

Silver Plastic Reusable Bowl 25pk #384119

  • $795

180mm Bowl.

Occasions Tableware range currently aligns with the guidelines for reusability in all Australian states, excluding WA.
We respectfully request our customers to join us in continuously improving the environmental footprint of our products, by ensuring they do not on-sell to commercial takeaway food service operations where the products could find their way into the litter stream.

Dishwashability: our reusable tableware has passed the Mechanical Dishwasher Test (EN 12875-1:2005 ) for 125 dishwasher cycles. Our tests were carried out by the international standards company, SGS, and the results can be downloaded from our ENVIRONMENT page at the bottom of the fourth paragraph.

Marketing: our reusable tableware has been marketed as ‘Reusable’ and ‘Durable’ for well over 10 years, owing to its strong and superior polypropylene (PP5) characteristics. The packaging now also clearly describes the products reusability and calls out the 125 cycles of Dishwashability.

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